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Meet Domonique

Business Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Cosmetologist, Student of Ayurveda


Domonique has been practicing Massage therapy for 10 years, she established a therapeutic practice Santi massage & natural wellness in 2015, and introduced her natural hand-crafted product line, soil to soul in early 2022. She is an advocate for natural wellness and alternative(original) healing and is a current student of Ayurvedic health. 


Her journey into the holistic world stemmed from her personal health experience and the need to find healthier methods to reduce stress, heal, and create balance in the body.  


“I have made natural wellness and self-care the core of my practice. The knowledge that I’ve gained through personal struggles allows me the opportunity to assist my clients in their self-care journey, providing holistic ways to relieve mental and physical stress, suggesting better lifestyle option, and offering clean products with a purpose.”

Pouring Massage Oil

Purpose & Inspiration

Śānti was inspired by the Hindu mantra om shanti, meaning peace, calmness, or tranquility in all things. A state of mental, physical, and spiritual peace and balance. This is what I wanted my practice to represent. Creating a healing space both atmospherically and through the services I provide.
Holistic balance is necessary for a better quality of life. Many factors play a role in achieving this from the company you keep, the space you dwell in, diet, fitness and so much more. This is why prioritizing self-care is so important. Taking the necessary time to pour into self so that you can better serve your purpose. Santi Massage and natural wellness can assist in your self-care journey by providing therapeutic services that promote both mental and physical relief.

About Products

Soil to Soul is a hand-crafted natural line created with healing in mind. The goal was to provide a simple but effective way for clients to incorporate a therapeutic experience into their home selfcare routine, so, a clean product line designed with earth’s nurturing elements was a great solution.

What we consume and use on our bodies plays a major part in our wellbeing, so taking a more natural plant-based approach was pivotal in the development process. Choosing to stay true to the ancient methods of our ancestors by utilizing the very essence of mother nature (flowers, herbs, essential oils, sea salts) allowed the creation of both nourishing and remedial blends.

Quality and effectiveness are of utmost importance and is necessary in experiencing the therapeutic benefits of each component, so only raw, pure, natural ingredients clean of harmful chemicals are used. All products are human tested, and I do not produce nor approve of product that is not personally use on myself and family.

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